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Orange County and Long Beach Hibernians turned out in force to honor a local pub owner for his 40 year effort to promote the Irish and Irish-Americans in Orange County, California.

Ron Schwartz, owner of the famous Muldoon’s Irish Pub in Newport Beach was this year’s recipient of the Edward Casey Award. The honor is given each year by the Jerry O’Keefe Division to a member of the Southern California community. The award, named in memory of prominent Irishman, Ed Casey, is awarded to members of the community who exemplify and promote Irish and Irish-American culture in Southern California.

As the award is named after his father, the date for the award each year coincides with Terry Casey’s band, the Fenians. The Fenians, who started as a local band singing Irish rebel songs, they have grown in popularity and travel not only the United States, but the world as well. In fact, they will host their “last” tour of Ireland next year. You can find more information on their webiste at

For more photos and a video of the award, click here.

Orange County Hibernians Honor Local Restauranteur